By Admin on 26th April

There are a number of choices when it comes to studying to become a paralegal. Some schools are dedicated solely to providing paralegal studies, whilst there are many legal colleges that offer paralegal courses. Finally, most colleges and universities have paralegal studies covering various qualifications.

If you want a specific paralegal college then you can’t go past the National Paralegal College. Other options include the American Institute for Paralegal Studies and the School of Legal Studies at Kaplan University.

National Paralegal College – This college provides excellent internet based training for people who want a future career in the paralegal field. You will learn career-oriented skills as well as an excellent academic foundation. You can get your Paralegal Associate’s Degree within 15 months at the National Paralegal College. There is also a Certification Program that can be completed in 7 months. Real world New York attorneys make up the faculty so you are receiving guidance and advice from people who have worked or still work in the field.

The interactive learning that you receive through the National Paralegal College means that you can study in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. The instructors are able to highlight and draw illustrations for students to see. The lectures take place on an electronic whiteboard so you feel as if you are in a classroom. During lectures you will get to discuss variable legal concepts and do analysis of issues.

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