By Admin on 26th April

Green jobs, green industry, green collar – all are catch phrases for the new businesses and industry sectors developing that are based on the notion of sustainability. The concept has been represented for years by the recycling process applied to cans, bottles and paper. Today, the concept is being applied to multiple areas where humans have impact on the environment, damaging naturally occurring sustainable ecosystems. Measures to reduce the causes of global warming are the most public example of environmental endeavors at the moment.

Environmental careers vary tremendously but all of them are working towards the goal of reducing human impact on existing sustainable ecosystems. Engineers that work with industries attempting to reduce their output of greenhouse gases are an example of an environmental professional working with a business that has committed to taking a step toward sustainability. You’ll find environmental engineers working in government agencies on cleaning up hazardous waste, bringing companies into compliance with clean water and clean air standards, and designing new wastewater treatment plants.

A bachelor’s degree in environmental science will give you access to entry level positions in the field. Tasks may include collecting data for a clean water study or a site with possible hazardous material on it.  Many people in the environmental field try to find a job with a bachelor’s degree while continuing to work on a master’s degree in the field.

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